Servicing, repairs and installations 

Plumbing and heating servicing in Bristol and surrounding areas 

The best way to reduce the risks of major breakdowns is with annual plumbing and heating servicing. 
You’ll have peace of mind and it will help you to avoid the unexpected costs of major repairs or replacements. 
We are City & Guilds qualified and Gas Safe registered, so you can rely on us to keep your plumbing and heating system working safely and effectively. 

Why have your boiler serviced

Most boiler manufacturers recommend regular boiler servicing, at least once a year. In fact, annual boiler servicing is usually a condition of the warranty for new boilers. 
Regular boiler servicing will help to keep you safe and can save you money. 

Reduce your energy bills 

regular servicing will make sure all the parts in your boiler are clean and in good condition to keep your boiler working properly. This means it will burn more efficiently so you will use less fuel to maintain the same comfortable temperature. 

Avoid breakdowns 

very few people enjoy a cold shower or coming back to a cold home on a winter evening. These problems can be avoided with good boiler maintenance. It will also help to find any wear and tear before problems arise that could unexpectedly stop your boiler from working. It’s often far cheaper to prevent a problem than to mend things when they have failed completely. 

Keep your boiler working for longer 

reliable boiler servicing can add years to the useful life of your boiler, so you can postpone the cost of a replacement boiler and reduce the environmental impact of disposing of an old boiler. 

Replacing old, inefficient boilers 

While it’s good to keep your boiler running efficiently and reliably, it might still have a low energy efficiency rating. There is a Boiler Scrappage Scheme in England so, if your boiler is more than 15 years old, you might be able to apply for a grant towards the cost of its replacement. 

City & Guilds qualified 

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Gas Safe registered 

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Boiler Servicing 

Boiler Scrappage Scheme 

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