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Since the government announced plans to phase out gas boilers in new build homes, we've found that many homeowners are confused or concerned about their options when it comes to their household heating and hot water - especially if they are planning to have a new gas boiler installed in the near future. 
Here, we answer some FAQs around new gas boiler installations: 
Is gas being phased out? 
Currently, the government plans to phase out the installation of gas boilers in new build homes by 2025, and in existing homes by 2035. This aims to encourage the use of greener alternatives, like heat pumps or hydrogen boilers. However, as around 80% of UK homes use gas, there needs to be a solid and viable replacement available before any ban is introduced. 
There are no plans at the moment to remove gas boilers from existing homes. If the plans to end new gas boiler installations in 2035 were to happen, you could carry on using your existing gas boiler well past this date, until it eventually needed to be replaced. 
Can I still have a new gas boiler installed? 
Yes, absolutely! We're still installing gas boilers to customers across Bristol every week. Replacing an old gas boiler with a more modern energy efficient model is a great way to cut your heating costs, as well as reduce your carbon footprint.  
If your boiler is over 8 years old, expensive to run, breaking down regularly, or you simply want to replace an old heating system with a new combi boiler, then now is the perfect time to upgrade your system. 
Should I get a heat pump instead of a new gas boiler? 
While heat pumps can make sense for newly-built modern homes which are very well insulated, for older homes they aren't generally the best solution, as the running cost required to heat your home to the temperature you're used to won't be cost-effective. 
Many UK homes are currently not suitable for heat pumps, as they're poorly insulated and do not have large enough radiators. Retrofitting a heat pump system into an older property costs around 5 times more than it does to install one when a property is being built! 
Heat pumps are more energy efficient compared to gas - however, electricity prices are significantly higher than gas prices, which impacts your energy bills. You can expect to pay approximately 4p/kWh for gas, but around 17p/kWh for electricity. With much lower installation and running costs for existing homes, gas is still the most cost-effective option to heat your home. 
Will we switch from gas to hydrogen in the future? 
Hydrogen looks like the most practical option for UK homes. Hydrogen is a highly efficient fuel source, and we're able to adapt our current gas supply to bring hydrogen into homes across the country. This would also mean that we can continue to use the boilers and radiators we're all familiar with, but with a much cleaner fuel source, as hydrogen does not produce carbon emissions when burnt. 
Modern gas boilers are already able to accommodate an 80:20 blend of natural gas and hydrogen, so as hydrogen is gradually incorporated into the national supply, our existing gas boilers will be totally compatible. After a certain date, it's likely that all new gas boilers will be certified as 'hydrogen ready'; meaning that your system can run on gas for now, and can also easily be upgraded in the future to run on hydrogen. 
How do I know when my boiler needs to be replaced? 
Modern gas boilers achieve over 94% efficiency - so if your boiler is over 8 years old, it may well be worth considering a new one. A more efficient boiler uses less fuel, which means less carbon emissions and cheaper heating bills.  
Signs to look out for that may indicate you need a new boiler include odd noises, regular breakdowns, leaks and fluctuations in water temperature. 
How much does a new gas boiler cost? 
The cost of a new boiler varies, depending on the model that you choose. Our experienced team will be able to advise you on the best boiler for your home and family needs. 
Boiler installation is not a DIY job, and all boilers must be fitted by Gas Safe registered engineers. The installation cost of a new boiler includes the time it takes to fit, as well as any extra parts or upgrades needed, to make sure your new boiler works perfectly with your heating and hot water system. 
How do I get a new gas boiler installed? 
If you're ready for more reliable and cost-effective home heating, getting a quote for a new boiler installation is easy. Simply contact our team today, and we'll book in a time that suits you to come and assess your system. 
If your boiler fitting is fairly straightforward, then the instillation take around a day, but our installers will always give you an accurate timeframe, and endeavour to complete the job as efficiently as possible to keep any disruption to a minimum. 
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